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Ryan, 25, accountant, british

I am an Englishman who moved to Paris with work and spoke a very beginner level of broken French. Within a few weeks of being tutored by Claudine, I found my speaking was more coherent and I felt a lot more confident to speak French.I love Claudine’s approach to create a truly unique syllabus to match your needs and the reason that you want to learn the language.Moreover, Claudine was also happy to help with personal matters such as how the healthcare system works and finding an apartment. I think this really demonstrates her personal approach and I would highly recommended Claudine!


Nattapol, 28, étudiant en informatique, Bangkok

The atmosphere is friendly and fun. I felt the time passed by very fast when I studied with her. She is a kind teacher who knows how to encourages me to speak without worrying about making mistakes. She customized the course for me so every time it felt challenging but at an appropriate level which I like it.
L'atmosphère est sympa et amusante. Le temps a passé très vite quand j'ai étudié avec elle. Elle est gentille et elle sait comment m'encourager à parler sans s'inquiéter de faire des erreurs. Elle a personnalisé le cours pour moi. Par consequent, à chaque fois je sens stimulant à niveau adéquat donc j'aime ça.
บรรยากาศการเรียนสนุกและเป็นกันเอง ตอนเรียนรู้สึกว่าเวลาผ่านไปเร็วมาก แปปเดียวหมดคาบแล้ว คุณครูใจดี ไม่ดุ ไม่เครียด ทำให้กล้าพูดโดยไม่รู้สึกกดดันว่าต้องพูดให้ถูก ส่วนตัวพูดผิดเยอะมาก แต่ครูแก้ให้ตลอด ครูจะเตรียมสอนมาให้เหมาะกับเรา ทุกคาบจะแบบตื่นเต้น ท้าทาย แต่ไม่ยากจนเกินไป ทำให้รู้สึกว่าเรียนแต่ละครั้งแล้วได้อะไรกลับมาเยอะครับ


Hilary Thomson, 48, housewife and mother of 5, ex-teacher of English Literature, british

I have been having one-to-one lessons with Claudine for the past three months. My level of written French is far better than my spoken French, so the emphasis during our lessons is on making me speak!  Sometimes we discuss a French film that Claudine has given me to watch for homework; sometimes she gives me a topic for discussion that I must prepare; often we end up talking about current issues relevant to me such as the education of children.  The format is always the same, though: I speak while she writes down all my mistakes, asks supplementary questions, and when I have run out of steam, she goes through her notes explaining my (many) grammatical errors.I find her methods incredibly effective because I want to know my mistakes and learn from them.  She gives very clear explanations of grammar, and because she writes everything down, I can then take away the papers at the end of the lesson and go through them at my own pace, thus helping to commit what she has taught me to memory.  I find her to be a rigorous but encouraging teacher and I look forward to each lesson enormously. She is very approachable and if there is something specific that I need help with, she is always happy to change her plans for the lesson to accommodate my requests.Claudine's background in linguistics means that she is delighted when I come to her with thorny linguistic issues to which I cannot find answers.  She takes the problem away, thinks about it, researches it and almost always comes back with a satisfying answer! I highly recommend her lessons to anyone who is prepared to work hard and be stretched in learning the French language.


Laura, 66, artist, New York

Private French classes with Claudine worked perfectly for me: a sustained study over a long period. Claudine is a superb teacher of the French language. She is equally knowledgeable about French politics, literature, culture and history, which she weaves into each class. Claudine adjusted the course to suit my linguistic strengths and weakness. Sometimes the class was more structured with homework, sometimes open-ended to allow for long conversations. Learning a language is wonderful, difficult and often frustrating, but even when most frustrating, I look forward to my weekly class. My French has improved vastly since I started working with Claudine.


Comentarios de los estudiantes
cuando mi escuela estaba abrerta


Miguel Herrero, 45 años, español, profesor de secundaria

He aprendido francés durante un mes en la escuela Verlaine-Langue y es un sitio que recomiendo sin lugar a dudas.
A destacar el buen hacer de Claudine, la profesora, con una gran preparación y disposición y con una gran ventaja respecto a otros docentes: domina varios idiomas y puede conocer las diferencias, dificultades y matices de tu lengua respecto al francés.


Dr. Dan Shanit, 67, Israël

The attraction of learning in a small group was the main determinent in my choice of the language school. However nothing has prepared me to the unique learning experience with Claudine. The intimate surroundings and the smell of coffee from the espresso machine have welcomed my entrance to this lovely small school that offers merely four daily teaching groups that are well selected based on individual students' levels. The two daily teaching hours passing fast and painlessly included interesting verbal communication while building up one's vocabulary, reference to contemporary and local cultural terms, directed following of video-screened dialogues and simulations and (troublesome) facing of the impossible. but essential, French grammer, coupled with controlled homework that requires a similar time investment . All of the above is orchestrated very well by the 30 year of teaching experienced Claudine who benefits from a great sense of humour and a load of patience and empathy. I have no doubt that my other 3 classmates from the US, Croatia and Venezuela will enthusiastically join my expression of gratitude to a most talented mentor who turned the language course into an enlightening and pleasant experience.


Anna Trotter, 66, American

Claudine is an excellent teacher, she keeps the class interesting as well as productive. The two hours seem to fly. Claudine does expect punctually and completion of the home work.I agree with these standards 100%.


Jessica Jiang, 21, flutist, Australian

When I started classes at Verlaine Langue I was a complete beginner. Now, I can understand and have a good conversation with people in the shops. The teachers, Claudine and Jean, were very experienced but still very passionate about teaching. Besides teaching the language, I felt that they genuinely cared about students and were always willing to offer helpful advice about the culture and life in France.


Debra Miller, 62, American

Claudine has a marvelous way of interlacing French language and culture with patience and at a pace that meets the needs and abilities of each student.


Lisa, 31, American, Assistant Controller

My experience in the beginner French class was fantastic. The teaching method and pace was challenging yet reasonable, logically building a base from the first day through to the last. Claudine's ability to speak at each level as we advanced made me feel more comfortable with and confident in my own progress.


Amanda, 29, New Zealander, actor

Claudine is a brilliant teacher. The environment she creates is encouraging and friendly but also very challenging which means you make some notable progress.


Yo Otsu, 38, Japanese, Scientist


JMat, 42, Australian, research scientist

Claudine is a great teacher, she really cares about the students and wants you to succeed. Incredibly motivated and energetic, patient and willing to repeat again and again what I didn't get immediately. She accommodates frequent questions and individual needs, just trying to help you speak and try, to just practice and practice....Whatever the topics, life in Paris and France, French history and politics, weekend trips, anything that you like to talk about she incorporates into her lessons. Really had an enjoyable time. Thanks again. In my opinion learning French requires a lot of patience, but the classes there definitely helped me along.


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